Landscaping design is truly our major strength. With over 18 years experience under our belt, we’ve seen it all and pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the latest industry developments to remain at the forefront, continuing to design exciting, original work. Once we’ve had our free consultation, discussed your preferences and practical requirements and measured.

Garden Design Cambridge’s distinguishing factor is the combination of almost two decades of experience with an undiminished enthusiasm and love for planting. We are experts that know what combinations work, when they’ll work and where.

If a garden is properly prepared and due attention is paid to planting, it will perform across all four seasons. We source the best range of plants from local nurseries to ensure your outdoor space is bursting with life all year round.

We can also offer all sorts of containers, from raised timber beds, to specially crafted pots and hanging baskets.

Garden Design Cambridge offer a landscaping consultancy service totally free of charge, to help you realise your ideal garden. We advise on planting, lawn maintenance, landscaping, garden features and lots more besides. We’ve been providing this service for over 18 years so we can remedy most difficulties and really help our clients get the most out of their garden.

Remember, this consultation is completely free, no obligation and comes with a quote detailing a breakdown of all potential expenses. No hidden charges.

I loved dealing with Garden Design Cambridge, they have done an amazing job with my Garden, couldn’t be happier.

Josh Barnett

Restyling of my Garden

Thank you Garden Design Cambridge, for the Amazing project and implementation!

Veronica Hubbart

Garden Design

Is the 2nd time my garden gets rebuilt and I have to say that this time it really surpassed my expectation.

Claire Donaldson

Rebuild my Garden

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